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In 2013, Highvac was asked by a customer to deliver their vacuum pumps on or in non-flammable pallets or crates. We also recognized a need from other customers to make the crating process easier, more effecient, and more effective, as everybody seemed to have a different opinion on how to properly package a vacuum pump for shipment. Due to the high volume of pumps we receive from a myriad of customers, shipping companies, and employees, we have seen enough to know that there are several wrong ways to crate a pump. We then worked with a manufacturer of aluminum storage and shipping products to develop a crate that would fulfill our and our customers’ needs. To this date, we have enjoyed the ease of use of the H-CRATE and have shipped and received hundreds of pumps to and from multiple customers with absolutely no shipping damage to pumps and no irreparable damage to our crates. Contact us now to find out more about Highvac’s H-CRATE.