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oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps

HIGHVAC’s RVP series two-stage, oil-sealed, rotary vane vacuum pumps stem from Highvac’s 40 years of experience in the vacuum industry. Highvac has serviced nearly every major make and model of rotary vane vacuum pump. Based on this knowledge we are proud to bring this high-quality pump to the market. The RVP12, 18, and 36 can run on single phase 110 or 220 volt power. The RVP12 is capable of a throughput/pumping speed of 12 cubic meters per hour (7.1 cubic feet per minute) with an ultimate pressure of 3.75×10-3 (0.00375) Torr (3.75 millitorr). All models are available with explosion proof motors suitable for hazardous locations. CONTACT US or check out our SHOP for more information, models, and configurations.



The RVP 36 through 110 feature a quick-change cartridge for easy maintenance without the need to disconnect the pump from the equipment or remove the booster if installed. *Always disconnect pump from power before performing any maintenance.

RVP Series Info + data tables

HIGHVAC’s RVP Series two-stage rotary vane high vacuum pumps are the best choice for reliability, value, and ease of maintenance. With a full range of pumps from 12 to 300 m3/h and pressures down to 3.75×10-3 torr, there is an option for your process application.

*Our mid-range pumps ( 36 – 110 ) incorporate a unique, removable cartridge that makes pump replacement a breeze. Completely replace the pump cartridge in as quick as 10 minutes without draining oil or disconnecting the vacuum foreline, booster, or motor. 

The SMART choice for your manufacturing process or inclusion into your OEM equipment line.

  • Low Noise / Vibration
  • Integrated Oil Suck-Back
  • Integrated Oil Lubrication
  • High Water Vapor Tolerance
  • Integrated Gas Ballast Valve
  • Quick-Change Pump Cartridge*
  • ETL Listed
  • Robust NEMA Motors
  • Explosion Proof Options Available
RVP 12 - RVP 18 Data Tables

RVP 36 - RVP 110 Data Tables

RVP 200 - RVP 300 Data Tables

RVP/HB booster pump system Info + data tables

HIGHVAC’s RVP/HB booster pump systems accommodate a wide range of process applications. Available in various configurations, with sizes ranging from 95 m3/hr to 1900 m3/hr, these pump systems are suitable for end-user or OEM applications and installations.

Integrating our unique RVP pump with the HB boosters provides the end-user significant ease of maintenance over competitive pump systems. The RVP pumping cartridge can be completely replaced in 30 minutes or less without removing the booster or system foreline.

The aluminum construction of the HB booster pumps allows for pumping of high-water-vapor applications without the concern for oxidation as typical with cast iron construction. The use of aluminum also contributes to the light weight of the HB booster pumps.

  • Low Noise / Vibration
  • Integrated Oil Suck-Back
  • Integrated Oil Lubrication
  • High Water Vapor Tolerance
  • Integrated Gas Ballast Valve
  • Easy Maintenance
rvp/hb booster pump system Data Tables

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