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Our core values

Good people creatively making it happen

We try to always maintain a positive, can-do/will-do attitude, a good sense of humor, and excellent character and integrity. We take ownership. We own our mistakes.


We keep our eyes open for innovation and creativity. We strive for continuous improvement and ideal solutions. We think outside the box. We take ownership. We make things better.


We get stuff done. We press on. We work hard and stay focused. When we’re here, we are fully here and engaged. We take ownership. We grab the bull by the horns.


Everything matters. EVERYTHING matters. EVERYTHINGMATTERS. We take ownership. We do it right the first time.


Adaptive. Timely. Increasing. Efficient. Simple.


HIGHVAC Corporation is committed to providing the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability in its products and services with a constant focus on cost containment and cycle time. We work as a team to exceed expectations and provide continuous quality solutions through relationships, ownership, and education.

Our quality program is built on 6 pillars:



In our highly specialized industry, we recognize the critical need to find and keep the right people. The right people for HIGHVAC live out our core values. The right people have our core values pumping through their veins. Finding the right people includes interviewing with our core values in mind. Keeping them means maintaining a focus on constantly improving our workplace. How can we ensure their success? Training.


People come and go all the time. Say goodbye; train the newbies. How do we ensure that our training remains constant and nothing gets lost in transition, or translation…? Documentation.


People don’t read minds, they read words. Also, have you ever played the game Telephone? We are fairly certain that nothing more needs to be said here. Documentation speaks for itself. But how can you train using a document you can’t find? Enter Organization.

Quality: Documentation

We use Visual Factory to ensure everyone’s on the same page & quality results from our technicians.

Quality: Documentation

Visual Factory utilizes images & text to make procedures easy-to-follow.

Quality: Documentation

Visual Factory also requires input from technicians to document their progress & quality.


Quality cannot be controlled or ensured in chaos, so organize, and receive the added benefit of efficiency. However, organization means nothing without quality Components.


Everything has to start somewhere, and is the sum of its assembled pieces. If you start with junk, or use junk tools, no matter the quality of added value, you’ll most likely end up with junk. When it comes to quality, the importance of components cannot be overlooked. Start with and use quality components to give yourself a fighting chance at delivering quality finished goods. How can you be sure your components are quality? Verification.


Although we despise the need for verification (read auditing) and wish it could be left out, we do believe it a necessary evil. However, verifications should be reactive and by exception whenever or wherever sensible. Problems are like buoys; they float on the surface and stick out like a sore thumb. Tackle today’s problems that are causing the biggest…problems. If your solution is insufficient, it will return to the surface, and you’ll have another opportunity at a solution.