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Highvac is proud to offer high-quality industrial vacuum pumps in a wide range of sizes to help your laboratory operate smoothly & efficiently.

Laboratory/scientific vacuum pumps

Highvac is proud to offer vacuum pumps, vacuum pump boosters, and vacuum pump systems to keep your laboratory/scientific operation running smoothly.

Dry Screw vacuum Pumps

Air-Cooled & Water-cooled

Dry screw-type vacuum pumps simplify the gas path, reducing pump failure due to contaminant build-up. Reliability, ease of maintenance, and long life cycle are all factors that contribute to making our ACS & WCS Series the pump technologies of choice for laboratory/scientific operations.

Two Stage Rotary Vane High Vacuum Pumps

RVP Series

The best choice for reliability, value, and ease of maintenance. With a full range of pumps from 12 to 300 m3/h and pressures down to 3.75×10-3 torr, there is an option for your process application. ETL Listed. Also available with boosters – increase pumping speed up to 2400 m3/h.

Mechanical Roots Booster Pumps

HB Series

HIGHVAC’s range of positive displacement high vacuum boosters (HB Series) provide an efficient method of increasing the pumping speed of your vacuum system. The range includes five sizes from 120 m3/h to 2400 m3/h, providing multiple options for your process applications.

ACS/HB System

Air-Cooled Dry Screw pump + Booster Pump

RVP/HB System

Rotary vane vacuum pump + booster pump

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Custom Solutions


Highvac Corporation is proud to offer quality custom solutions to best suit client needs & applications. From retrofits to alternative shipping crate options, Highvac has a custom solution for you.

Highvac's High Standards


Highvac Corporation is committed to providing the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability in its products and services with a constant focus on cost containment, cycle time, and quality.