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We are HIRING! We are looking for System Assembly technicians, Module Assembly technicians, Inventory Control and a Production Manager. 

Our technicians are skilled mechanics, with years of experience in tearing down engines and reassembling them.  If you enjoy tinkering and putting things back together again, this may be of interest to you.

We need an inventory control clerk to manage our surplus.  You should be organized and meticulous.  You should have strong computer skills and be able to work independently. 

We need a Production Manager.  We are a re-manufacturing company of vacuum pumps used in the semi-conductor industry.  You will need to be able to demonstrate a successful track record of being a Production Manager.  You will be responsible for driving the work-flow in all areas on the shop floor; You will need to be flexible and organized; You must be able to communicate and exhibit strong leadership capabilities.  This is a great opportunity if you want to take the next step in your career. 

If you have these types of experiences, we may want to speak with you.   

Please use the email below to submit a resume.

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Phone: 1(866) 279-0024



Phone: 1(866) 279-0024



Phone: 1(866) 279-0024