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Botanical processing

Highvac is proud to offer quality vacuum pumps, vacuum pump repair kits, and our advanced exchange program designed to
reduce your operational downtime and keep your botanical processing operation running smoothly.  

Vacuum Pumps for Botanical Processing

HIGHVAC is your top source of vacuum pumps for distillation processes. From specialized labs to large-scale industrial processing, we are proud to provide innovative solutions to keep your processes up and running. We offer a complete line of rotary vane and dry screw pumps, ranging from 1/2 HP (7 CFM) to 25 HP (650 CFM), with a full line of booster pumps available to increase your pumping speed.

Air-Cooled Dry Screw Pumps

ACS Series

Dry screw-type vacuum pumps simplify the gas path, reducing pump failure due to contaminant build-up. Reliability, ease of maintenance, and long life cycle are all factors that contribute to making our ACS Series the pump technologies of choice for the botanical processing industry.

Two Stage Rotary Vane High Vacuum Pumps

RVP Series

The best choice for reliability, value, and ease of maintenance. With a full range of pumps from 12 to 300 m3/h and pressures down to 3.75×10-3 torr, there is an option for your process application. ETL Listed. Also available with boosters – increase pumping speed up to 2400 m3/h.

Water-cooled dry screw pumps

iP Series

HIGHVAC’s iP series Dry Screw high vacuum pumps are world-class, proven industrial pumps. Our base model pumps are available in pumping speeds from 100 m3/hr to 800 m3/hr. This wide range of standard sizes provides many options for your process applications.

ACS/HB System

Air-Cooled Dry Screw pump + Booster Pump

RVP/HB System

Rotary vane vacuum pump + booster pump

Botanical Processing vacuum pump Services

Highvac is proud to offer the following botanical processing industry services:

Advance Exchanges

Reduce operational downtime!

Pump Repair / Rebuild

send us your broken pumps!
Looking for vacuum pump repair for your botanical processing operation or more information on our Advance Exchange Program?
Give us a call at 719-260-1185 or Contact Us Here

Custom Solutions


Highvac Corporation is proud to offer quality custom solutions to best suit client needs & applications. From retrofits to alternative shipping crate options, Highvac has a custom solution for you.

Highvac's High Standards


Highvac Corporation is committed to providing the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability in its products and services with a constant focus on cost containment, cycle time, and quality.

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Customer Compliments

“I just wanted to tell you that Jeff did some nice work for me. He's really a great resource for us, and he's very pleasant to work with”

“I just wanted to let you know we had an A70 pump die last night that was rebuilt by you. The reason I’m writing is to say thank you for such a good quality rebuild! This pump was in service for 7 years. The higher ups are impressed. I’m trying to prove the quality of your rebuilds and this was exactly what they needed to see. You all are doing great and I enjoy doing business with you.”

“Thanks for the class, everyone was pleased with it. Tony did a great job. BTW, nice results on Tuesday don't you think. Good job Tony!”

“Just a heads up, I have finished testing the SDE120’s we got on the last delivery and they have fantastic vacuum.  So, just to let you know they all tested around 1mT or less.  The pump down times were really good too. I think all of them were under 5mT in under 10 minutes.  Let the guys know to keep up the good work.”

“Met with the owner for a long visit and toured the company as a customer for the vacuum pump product they are releasing. It is a well run operation, with great leadership. This company is inventive, they clearly have developed the products that we need, and the reliabilty we require. I predict they will continue to roll out successful products.”

“You have always done an excellent job in meeting our needs and supporting us. That's why I always call you first for our vacuum related needs.”

"I just wanted to thank you for getting us pumps as fast as you have, to include good quality work."

You and your team kicked butt this weekend and made it possible to get my tool back up and running with the new Edwards STP-A1303C turbo, to include a Saturday delivery. This was greatly appreciated by many to include me. Please send thanks to Van also for his help over the phone with testing these turbos and for getting the new one ready to go so fast.

"This is a Thank You to Dave.  He comes in with a professional attitude daily and is always willing to help us with our pump needs.  I rely on Dave to keep an eye on my pumps and assist with any repairs needed to keep our pumps running, either electrical or mechanical…"

“Everyone is wonderful to work with. They go out of their way when I need something right away.”

"This week has been extremely busy and Ben stepped up his game(as usual) to ensure that the customer’s needs were exceeded. This was recognized by the production manager and he gave Ben a Kudo’s(meal card for the cafeteria)."

Michele, Thanks to you and to everyone at Highvac for great support. The customer and I are extremely grateful. I can only wish our other suppliers were as responsive. Fred