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vacuum pump repair

With more than 30 years experience in industrial vacuum pump repair & rebuild, you can trust Highvac to help get your pump back to optimal function.

our vacuum pump rebuild process


phase one:

evaluation phase



Any pump missing an HSC or with incorrect SN/model info goes to quarantine for resolution.



Quick evaluation to determine scope of rebuild before disassembly.

Disassemble + Clean

Fully disassemble, photograph, and clean pump. Start condition report.



Parts are meticulously inspected and measured as required to determine usability.



Generate & send quote for customer approval.

phase two:

hold phase

wait for approval

Pumps & parts are safely stored in our WIP rack while we await customer approval.

phase three:

build phase

Order Parts

We order replacement parts as needed from our trusted suppliers.


We get everything ready to begin repairing/rebuilding the pump.


We carefully perform the vacuum pump rebuild.


We test the pump to ensure it is functioning properly.


We perform a quality check on every pump before shipment.

Pack & Ship

We carefully package the rebuilt vacuum pump and ship it back home.


A word about our quality

While we are not immune to mistakes, we do not cut corners in our rebuilds, and we strive for perfection. We use a digital work instruction software on the majority of our processes to make sure that nothing gets missed and to record critical measurements and data throughout the rebuild process. If mistakes are made, we revisit these instructions and revise as needed to prevent recurrence. This software can also be customized to meet any customer specific requirements. 



Our digital, visual work instructions are used on every build.


Instead of replacing parts, Teflon coating can be applied to decrease clearances and return pump to OEM specs AND prevent future corrosion.


Did you know that oils from fingerprints will outgas and negatively affect base pressure. Gloves should be worn at all times when working with the internal components of vacuum pumps.

Why highvac?

Experience tells us that a proper rebuild to achieve performance and longevity is a full and comprehensive rebuild. ALL critical components are measured and quoted for repair or replacement if necessary. All of our rebuilds include a condition report to show you what we found during the rebuild process. We collect data on every pump in an effort to learn more about your application and make sure you are using the right tool for the job. Most importantly, WE STRIVE TO REDUCE YOUR LONG TERM COST OF OWNERSHIP by returning your pump as close to OEM specs as possible (sometimes better).*


*Our motives are not wholly altruistic. We don’t want your pump back under warranty any more than you want to have to return it.


We stand behind the quality of our rebuilds with a standard warranty that covers parts and workmanship. For contract customers our warranty starts from date of install. For non-contract customers, warranty starts at date of shipment.

DRY PUMPS    –    1 YEAR




We assign a corrective action to all approved warranties and do a thorough investigation to dig out the root of the problem and implement changes to prevent recurrence. Never make the same mistake twice. Click here to learn more about our quality process.

some brands & models we work on:

Hanbell: PS, PD, iPM, iPH

Leybold: LEYVAC LV Series (LV 80, LV 140)

Drytek: PS

Ebara: A Series (A07, A07V, A07VB, A10S, A25S, A30W, A70W), UERR Series (Standard/80×25, 40×20, 40x20SRC, 50×20, 65×40, 150×40, etc.)

Edwards: Edwards: iGX*, iH, QDP/iQDP


Kashiyama: MU (100X, 300X, 600X), NeoDry (15, 30, 36, 60), SDE (90, 90X, 120, 120TX, 303, 303X, 603, 603X, 1203, 1203TX)

Custom: A70WSB (200057HAN, 200057WSB), A70WS, HiQH80, HQPS80, HPSA70

Agilent: TV (301, 701), TwisTorr 304FS

Alcatel/Pfeiffer: HiPace (80, 300, 2300), ATH (400, 1300, 1600, 2300)

Ebara: ET (300, 600, 800, 1300, 1301, 1600), EMT (390)

Edwards/Seiko Seiki: STP (603, 1003), STPA (803, 1303, 1603, 2203), STPH (301, 450, 451, 1000), STPXA (2703, 3203)

Leybold: MAG (400, W830, W1300, W1500, W2000, 2000, 2010, W2200, W2800, W3200), TMP (361, 450, 600, 1000, 1100, 1500), Turbovac (340M)

Osaka: TS443

Shimadzu: TMP (2203, 3203, 3403), TMP-V2304

Varian: See Agilent Section

Edwards: E1M, E2M (1.5, 4, 8, 12, 18, 30, 40, 80, 175, 275)

Leybold: TRIVAC D (1.2, 4, 8, 16, 25, 30, 40, 60, 65, 90), GASONICS, SOGEVAC

CUSTOM: Contact us. We rebuild several other models of oil sealed rotary vane pumps that are not listed here.

Anest Iwata: ISP (250,500)

Agilent/Varian: IDP 7, PTS (300, 600)

Edwards: ESDP (12, 30), nXDS 10i, XDS (35i, 6i), GVSP 30


not seeing your vacuum pump brand/model listed above? 
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