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Dry Pumps are typically constructed of cast iron. Due to the corrosive environment of semiconductor processes such as Metal Etch and PECVD, the internal components become etched to the point that the pumps can no longer be effectively rebuilt.

Short of replacing hundreds of pumps, end-users are left with few if any cost-effective options to sustain operations. New pumps are costly and oftentimes require facilities upgrades, which can cost as much as or more than the pumps.

As a result, and based on requests from multiple customers with aging Ebara A70 pumps, Highvac developed a “plug and play”, cost-effective, reliable, sustainable solution, upcycling the frame and blower of the A70W system by replacing the multi-stage roots dry pump with a new dry screw pump.

The result is a more robust vacuum pump (Dry Screw vs. Multi-stage roots) delivered in the same “form-factor” as the original A70W, with both mechanical and electrical connections identical to the customer’s original pump.

Highvac has shipped several of these retrofit pumps to customers for harsh-duty applications like Tungsten Deposition and Metal Etch. Each end-user is experiencing significantly longer life than the original multi-stage roots pumps due to the advanced dry screw technology.