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Hanbell Precise Machinery Co. Ltd., founded on April 29th, 1994, is one of the largest compressor manufacturers in the world. In 2008, Hanbell Vacuum Technology introduced their P series dry screw vacuum pumps out of Taiwan. Highvac and Hanbell have forged a strong working relationship to deliver Hanbell’s high quality and competitive pricing to the U.S. semiconductor market.

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Offering robust and energy efficient screw designs and power saving electronics, Hanbell pumps make excellent alternatives to Ebara, Edwards, and Kashiyama pumps for the semiconductor, solar, LED, coating and other industries requiring high vacuum roughing pumps. Not only are they more readily available, they cost less upfront and cost less to maintain and rebuild.

Hanbell’s pumps are designed to be Plug-and-Play alternatives to several commonly used models, including Ebara A70W, UERR, 80×25, 40×20, Edwards QDP, iQDP, iH, iXM, iXH, iXL, and GSX, and Kashiyama SD, SDE.

We sell and service all models of Hanbell dry screw vacuum pumps. Contact us for a quote.

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