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HIGHVAC distributes and services Hanbell vacuum pumps in North America. Offering robust, harsh duty rated, and energy efficient screw designs with energy saving electronics, Hanbell dry screw pumps are an excellent option for:

Semiconductor | Solar | LED | Coating | Crystal Growing

Hanbell’s New iPH series vacuum pumps provide customers with industry leading design and SEMI E73 controls and interface protocol.

HIGHVAC provides Plug-and-Play alternatives to several commonly used models, including Adixen ADS 602P, Ebara A70W, 80×25, 40×20, Edwards QDP, iQDP, iH, iXM, iXH, iXL, and GSX, and Kashiyama SD, SDE. Multiple tool interface options are standard including the latest semiconductor industry E73 standard. Not only are they more readily available, they cost less upfront and cost less to maintain and rebuild.

We sell and service all models of Hanbell dry screw vacuum pumps. Contact us for a quote.

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