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Refurbished Vacuum Pumps

Refurbished Vacuum Pumps

Highvac Corporation provides only the highest quality refurbished vacuum pumps, all of which undergo a rigorous process designed to return each pump to OEM specifications.

Due to our extensive experience in the semiconductor vacuum industry and our strong focus on vacuum pump repair, we are well-positioned to supply several types of refurbished pumps, such as rotary-vane, dry, and turbo-molecular pumps.

Please contact us for product availability, or for assistance choosing the product best suited to your application.


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Custom Solutions


Highvac Corporation is proud to offer quality custom solutions to best suit client needs & applications. From retrofits to alternative shipping crate options, Highvac has a custom solution for you.

Highvac's High Standards


Highvac Corporation is committed to providing the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability in its products and services with a constant focus on cost containment, cycle time, and quality.