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Air Cooled Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

upgrade to air cooled dry screw

Tired of constantly changing oil on your RV pumps? Concerned about backstreaming? Want longer MTBR (run time before rebuild)? Make the change from oil sealed rotary vane pumps to air cooled dry screw.



Our ACS dry screw pumps can be cleaned in-place with no disassembly via a solvent flush and our purpose-built solvent trap. Clean out your pump as often as every processing run to significantly increase the life of the pump. Always make sure to take proper safety precautions for your tool and application.

HIGHVAC’s ACS series Air Cooled Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps offer a new option for small dry pumps.

Dry screw type vacuum pumps simplify the gas path, reducing pump failure due to contaminant build up.

Reliability, ease of maintenance, and long life cycle are all factors that contribute to making this the pump technology of choice for the botanical extraction industry.

ACS is the SMART choice for your manufacturing process or inclusion into your OEM equipment line.

  • Dry Screw Technology
  • Reduced Maintenance over RVP Pumps
  • High Water Vapor Tolerance
  • Air Cooled
  • In Place Solvent Cleaning
  • Integrated Gas Ballast Valve
  • Three Available Sizes
  • Pressure Adjustment with VFD controller

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