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Steed R&D Product Line


A full line of small batch and research horizontal furnace systems set up for a variety of process solutions. Wafer size ranging from 75-300mm, manual or automatic loading and from single tube up to eight tube systems.

Available Models

Stallion Product Line

Full-capability horizontal, single tube furnaces for pilot line R&D applications including diffusion, oxidation and LPCVD process technologies for 200 and 300mm wafers.

Colt Product Line

Stand alone pilot line furnaces for 50 to 150mm silicon and gallium arsenide diffusion and LPCVD processing.

Mustang Product Line

This design is fully self-contained in a single frame and includes an integral gas supply module. The system may be used for diffusion, oxidation and LPCVD processing of 3″-6″ substrates.

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